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Using Postcards to Promote Your Web Design Company

The concept of a web design company didn't even exist twenty years ago (in the early Nineteen Nineties). Now it is a big business and growing. The number of websites numbers in the many millions; the number of web pages numbers in the billions - and these numbers are growing exponentially.

Postcards have been around since the nineteenth century. They are still a big business - sort of.

So how can you use this very old, somewhat antiquated form of media in order to promote one of the most modern forms - the web design company?

First of all, let's analyze what it means to start a web site. It means that you put your site out there and the world basically ignores it. The search engine "web crawlers" will find it eventually, but even with that, it might take a very long time for purchasers of your service to find you.

The solution to this problem is that you must find ways to drive people to your site.

Let's say you are developing a mailing list. Obviously you can email people, but many emails are deleted as spam. What's the advantage, then, of the old-fashioned post card?

First of all, it's a physical object. It has to be picked up and looked at. Someone has to read it and make a decision.

Can you take advantage of the fifteen seconds someone will need in order to make a decision about your postcard? Can you use those fifteen seconds to get her to find your site on the web?

The answer should be 'Yes', and here are some ways you can do it:

1) Even newer than web design companies are QR codes. You've seen them. They are funny looking squares with a complex pattern of shapes which is read by your smart phone. One will fit easily on your postcard. All the customer has to do is scan the QR code and she will be led to a page on which you can put text, data, images or whatever you like. What would you likely put on that page that can't fit on a post card? How about a superb page design you have done for someone else's website? Put your best effort out there, and you increase your chances of someone contacting you for a paid job.

2) The next way you can use your postcard is to include web addresses, phone numbers, and all those other standard contact means. There's plenty of room for the QR code and the contact information.

3) The third thing that will go nicely on the postcard itself is a colorful design or image or logo - anything that tells the world that you are in the design business. How you do this and what you choose to use is up to you, but that's your specialty and you're the expert. It's the specialty of the post office to make sure that your two thousand cards get to where they are supposed to be.

What Can Website Design Companies Do for My Small Business?

In today's business world, having a website is an absolute must. However, when looking for website design companies, you should ask about more than just the price before you decide to let someone set up your company web page.

Teresa decided she wanted to turn her passion for baking into a profitable business. The problem was, how did she find a way to attract customers and build her business into a success. She had the beginnings of a following just from her friends and family who loved her cookies and baked goods.

But in order to really be a success, she needed to find a way to get her company name known and get customers in the door. Even better, would be if she could find a way to start attracting online customers and getting orders from across the country.

After talking to a number of web design companies, she decided on the person she felt most comfortable with and who seemed to have a track record of designing websites for companies that became successful. Today, Teresa enjoys getting high amounts of website traffic and orders every day based on website visits alone.

So, the question for you is, what can website design companies do for your company to help you grow?

Elements of a Good Web Design

Good website design companies know the key elements of good web design, which are the things that keep website visitors engaged and interested. However, before talking to website design companies, it is important that you have a basic grasp of these elements so that you can identify them when you are talking to a prospective designer.

Color Scheme - The color scheme of a good website should integrate colors that compliment your company logo. Good website design companies should be able to talk to you about the impact of different colors on site visitors and the response that certain colors can elicit from viewers. For example, fire engine red elicits a different response than cool blue.

Fonts - The font you use in your web design can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your web pages. Good website design companies know the difference between a serif and a sans serif font and when it is appropriate to use each kind of font. Sans serif fonts are better for small font sizes and if you have a great deal of text. Serif fonts are better for larger print and small amounts of text.

Usability - Ultimately, if you have a beautiful website but it is hard for visitors to use, you will lose sales and people will leave your website frustrated and annoyed. Good website design companies will show you how the will make your website flow intuitively and naturally from one web page to the next and prompt visitors to go to the sales page and make a purchase.

Good website design companies can make your company attractive to visitors. They can help you create content that engages visitors and keeps them interested and want to buy your services or products. Website design companies can help you create the foundation to invite visitors to become interested in your company. However, it is up to you to refresh your content regularly and promote your company in ways that spur potential customers to explore your products and services further.

How to Get the Best Web Design Company?

You must decide the reason as to why you are getting a website done. You need to decide on the kind of information that your website will be providing. This will be of utmost help to the web design expert when he draws up a design. You must also let your web design expert know if your website will be database or will have catalogue or will have forms that will need to be filled by the customer/viewer.

You need to make a thorough research before you choose a website design company. You must see the portfolio properly. Take into consideration the work done by the website design company in the past and also the quality of work done by them. You must ask your website design company to furnish you with a detailed proposal as well as contract. Also check that the webdesign expert working on your website has formal education in the field of web design. Do not go for self literate web design experts. This will only hamper the work quality.

Also see to it that the website design company sticks to its pre planned time schedule. You may keep a track of the same on an excel sheet. An added advantage will be if your web design expert has knowledge of programming language. It will enhance the quality of your website giving you better value for the money you pay.

Cost of web design services

You must take quotes from various website design companies before freezing on one. This will help you compare price and get the best deal. Do not go over your budget. In fact this problem is taken care of if you thoroughly compare prices. There are majorly three different ways that a website design company will charge you. It may charge you for the entire project as a whole.

The website design company may go for component price system. This means that you will be charged according to the number of page that your website will have. The third way in which a webdesign company may charge you is by material supply pricing. This implies that you will have to pay them for the number of hours spent on designing your website.

Your web design company may not necessarily render web hosting service. It will only design it but not build it. If this is the case you will have to search for a web hosting company separately. You can check whether the organization provides web based solutions. In this competitive market the companies provide more than one service and you must make good use of.

Be sure to communicate with your web design expert on regular basis so that he is clear exactly what your requirements. These simple steps will help you choose a good web design company. And once you have successfully selected a perfect webdesigning company, your business will start getting appreciation among your clients and will bring in profit. What are you thinking then? Go get it!

How To Design a Commercial Bar

Good bar design depends upon design and technical skills and an understanding of the area. Bar designers will design the space to suit your needs, but it helps to fully understand what you require first. Fully understanding what to ask for will help your bar designers create a design which suits you.

The Law

For large construction projects you will need to obtain advice from your local planning authority. This only really matters if you are altering the construction of your space or you are building a bar for the first time. If they are only altering your room cosmetically - even if that means a whole new bar - you shouldn't need to receive planning permission.

Hygiene and licensing laws also need considering if you are opening a new bar.


They will ask you about the layout you require in your bar. Put a lot of thought into this. If you have any qualms about the current size or layout (eg. there isn't enough room for staff or the glass washer is too far away from the shelving for glasses), make sure you tell your bar designers. Now is the time to change anything which isn't working well in your current bar, even if they are seemingly minor factors.

If you are adding a bar to a space which does not have one think even more thoroughly about the layout you require. If you will have more than one member of staff behind your new bar at a time try to make sure that everything is easily accessible all the way along (eg. a long row of glasses or red wines). Features which there are only one of (eg. the refrigerator and till) should be centrally located for ease of access.Your bar designers will be able to help you make practical decisions over these floor plans.


During the bar design process you will also need to consider sinks, glass washers and a built-in ice bucket. How many will you require, where will they be situated in the bar and will the area need plumbing work to accommodate them?

Also consider lighting. You will need extra lighting on the bar, and you may also want mood lighting in or above your shelves to highlight displays.


Think about the 'look' of your new bar. This is more down to your bar designers, but you should tell them about the look you want to create with your commercial space. Do you want a contemporary look, with shiny glass shelves and veneered surfaces, or a traditional wooden bar?

Business Process Outsourcing - The Fastest Developing Trend

Generally, India and China are known to be a BPO specialist contracted by other countries by doing a particular task. Most organizations today are now outsourcing products and services to other countries to help them concentrate on their business function. BPO providers have become more popular with doing their third party operations that came from their clients. BPO industries are further classified into offshore outsourcing and local or on shore outsourcing. It also depends on the country where the outsourcer was based but mostly BPO companies or providers are located abroad and represented by data entry centers, answering specialist, web professionals, telemarketers and many others.

Business process outsourcing is also one the fastest developing trend ever since the global economic crisis began. It saves half of the non-core business functions and earns more profit because of the lesser rate it offers for its labor for the specialist. Return of Investment, less cost, and quality is one of the benefits that a client company gets when they outsourced their products.

Today, one of the popular BPO services that an outsourcing provider offers is web development in where a client can hire an offshore Web developer to do certain task that involves web development and design. Since web sites became popular, it is also a means of advertising that could help improve product sales and company pride. That is why most companies prefer to have a website than to promote their business via radio airplay or by TV exposure. Web development also includes web design, client-side/server-side programming or scripting, web hosting and network security configuration. For larger task to be outsource, web development services requires a team that consist of dozens or hundreds of web developers to be deployed on the certain project. For Small Scale businesses or SME's it only requires a maintenance staff or a webmaster to work on the minor updates that the site requires. For multimedia enrichment, a graphic designer is hired to improve the graphic quality of the website.

To hire a BPO provider it involves a lot of process that needs to be taken up by the client. Outsourcing has many services to be offered and a client can choose what type of service they want to get. For technical support services, one should send a work to be accomplished on time and for customer support can entertain customer queries. These days there a BPO companies originate from India, as we all know India is one of the pioneers in this business. They started BPO and largely seek growth in some other services they render, and then followed by Philippines, China, and South Africa who are also made a name in the outsourcing business, and largely gain profit with their cost effective strategies and techniques.

The Benefits of a Women's History Trail - Fun AND Profit!

A True Story

My favorite example of the economic impact of a women's history trail happened during the summer of 2009 in Salem, Massachusetts. As the creator of the Salem Women's Heritage Trail, I was hired for the day to lead a tour group of women who were members of the Worcester (MA) Women's History Project. They rented a bus, paid me for my time, visited three ticketed attractions, had lunch, and shopped along the way.

By the time they were ready to leave, they knew they had only scratched the surface. Their bus happened to be parked in front of a Salem hotel and I said, "You'll have to come back next year, stay at the hotel, and see more sites!" And I'm sure they will.

The economic impact of a women's history trail on a community is real, and all kinds of organizations stand to benefit. Historic sites and museums sell tickets, attract members, and enjoy incremental business in their shops. Retail stores and restaurants welcome new customers. Bus companies, tour guides, parking accommodations, and modes of public transportation make money.

People who walk history trails also visit local attractions, eat, shop, and might even stay overnight at one of your local hotels. I've seen it - and not just in Salem, but in Boston where I served as the executive director of the Boston Women's Heritage Trail, on the South Shore of Massachusetts where I helped to develop a driving trail, and in Cambridge, Massachusetts where the Women's History Project website prompted guided tours and programs.


In my experience leading women's history tours, the majority of my audiences are women who range in age from 40 to 65. They are:

• well educated

• intellectually curious

• financially comfortable

Some work, some are retired.

Some of these female "cultural tourists" are residents, their friends, family, and guests, or those who work in town (local tourists). But more of them are part of the "drive market," visitors who travel to a destination for the day from a not-very-distant location.

Others are "frequent independent travelers," people who visit from other countries for two or more weeks at a time. These visitors are usually drawn to an area for a reason other than women's history, but they are itching to find new and interesting things to do during their lengthy stay - and women by far make the majority of travel decisions. Since exchange rates tend to work in their favor, these women are also prepared to spend money!

Women's History and Tourism

Tourism is such an important part of the U.S. economy that in 2008 President-elect Obama instructed his transition team to look hard at tourism in the United States, bring traditionally segmented parts of the industry together, and make recommendations to improve that would "help fuel America's economy."

In the National Travel Association's December 16, 2008 report, they offered the following statistics:

• For the U.S. economy, travel and tourism annually generate $1.7 trillion in revenue and approximately 17 million jobs.

• Spanning every state and congressional district, the economic benefits of travel and tourism generated more than $115 billion in tax revenue in 2007.

• Tourism is either the first, second or third largest employer in 29 states.

• International travel is America's fastest-growing travel segment, due to favorable exchange rates. Travel and tourism exports accounted for 7.5 percent of all U.S. exports of goods and services and 25 percent of service exports in 2007. That includes international passenger fares and international traveler spending in the U.S.

• Adding 10 million additional international visitors every year boosts the U.S. economy $12 billion per year. That is 151,000 new jobs and $2 billion in federal, state, and local tax revenues.

• An increase of just 1 percent in international travel market share would produce $13.5 billion in additional revenue for the U.S. economy.

Given these impressive figures, it's more important than ever for women's history - and women's history trails - to become a more visible part of the national tourism picture.

But let's look at specifics. During the process of creating a women's history trail, when and where can you notice its economic impact?

Planning Phase and Early Marketing

Women's history trails are developed in different ways. Sometimes, a nonprofit organization is formed to create and promote a trail - like the Boston Women's Heritage Trail. Other times, leaders of historical, educational, and business organizations come together under one participant's "umbrella," which is what happened in Salem and Cambridge, Massachusetts. On the South Shore of Massachusetts, I worked with an enterprising newspaper reporter who created a driving trail because the historic sites were so spread out. It was published as a special supplement in her newspaper.

However you plan to develop a trail for your community, know that from the very beginning you are in the business of marketing. People need to know your trail is there! No one will derive any economic benefit unless you promote the trail throughout the development process and well after. And it will serve you well to budget for marketing from the project's inception.

Rule #1 in marketing is "know thy audience" and in the planning phase your primary audience is residents, especially adult women (including those with school-aged daughters). They can:

• give you information for the trail

• attend your fundraising events

• go on tours with you when the trail is complete

• recommend your trail to tourists

During the planning phase, you will want to hold well-publicized public meetings to present your ideas for the trail, solicit new information, and introduce the members of your planning committee who should represent your cultural and business communities, town, schools, and local college or university.

Right away, you are in a position to promote these committee members and the organizations and businesses they represent - meaning, your trail project is benefiting them economically from the start! You can encourage the people who attend your meetings to patronize your committee members' companies, and if they are smart, your committee members will use their involvement with the trail to self-promote, offer incentives, free passes, and so on.

You also want to involve your local Chamber of Commerce from the beginning. If you have a Main Streets program, engage them as well, or perhaps your community development office - wherever the intersection between business and tourism/marketing happens in your town. These business organizations understand that people who walk also shop and dine. If local businesses don't understand how your trail can benefit them, your Chamber of Commerce can help them "get it."

In Salem, Massachusetts, the Chamber believed so strongly in the economic benefit of having a women's heritage trail they hosted fundraisers, promoted the trail to their members, and helped plan the kick-off event.

Development Phase and More Marketing

While the trail is being developed, publicize your progress. Send press releases and email blasts, use the "social media" of Facebook and Twitter - and be sure you are always promoting the participating historic sites and businesses. By doing this, you will send customers their way AND build momentum for your grand opening.

You will also need to raise money for your "product," whatever it might be - a brochure, book, or website. Hold fundraisers at your hotel, historic site, or a local business. You will be providing a perfect opportunity for participating sites and businesses to promote themselves. You can set up information tables where they can display products and interact with new customers.

You might also want to call special attention to woman-owned businesses! An exciting (and potentially lasting) byproduct of the development phase is collaboration and networking between nonprofits and for-profits. In Salem, one of my greatest joys was introducing historic site representatives and local business people to each other during fundraising events. More often than not, they had never met. Store owners picked up new customers and promised to make a greater effort to direct visitors to their new friend's historic site. Frequently, these new business relationships led to future win-win collaborations.

In Salem, we held an evening fundraiser at The House of the Seven Gables while the museum was closed. I overheard many residents admit they had never been to The Gables before. Seizing the opportunity, the director provided free passes for daytime visits and easily secured new customers and new members - and the gratitude of the community.

Opening Phase and Even More Marketing

When the trail is complete and you're ready to "open," all kinds of opportunities await! In Salem, we rented two trolleys and gave "driving tours." Later, we offered walking tours. We invited reporters to go along, and they wrote terrific stories that inspired people to visit Salem for a new reason.

Businesses along the route hung our posters and sold our book. Some offered refreshments, others gave a flower to each woman customer. Historic sites offered new women's history-focused tours and created special displays from their collections.

All of these places - for-profit and nonprofit - made money!

Once your trail exists make sure it's featured in your community's visitor information, including materials distributed by your Chamber of Commerce, Main Streets program, local and state tourism offices. You do NOT need to handle all of the marketing yourself at this point, nor should you. That is what tourism professionals do, and why they are valuable partners. Meet with them, provide information, and follow their recommendations.

Having said that, you probably know more about women's history than most tourism people do so you should do some of your own research. Which women's history websites do potential visitors to your community peruse? Which publications? Where should your trail be listed or linked? A good example is the National Collaborative for Women's History Sites website and book. There is a section on walking trails in the book, and an online section with links to trails and historic sites all over the U.S.

Another example is Discover New England, the tourism marketing organization that promotes New England as a destination for international travelers. In 2010, they are launching a new page on women's history trails and historic sites!

Think about offering special tours for affinity groups (Girl Scouts, women's clubs or organizations, women's studies students at your local college) and for local students. If you reach the students, you reach the parents, and they are the ones with the money to spend. And plan your walks to include time for food and shopping!

Assuming you created a PowerPoint presentation for your fundraising events, you can now present an updated version to local groups (Rotary, senior center). Some people will never walk the trail, but they will visit specific sites and shops. Again, steer them toward your collaborators!

Moving Forward

In the years after your trail is open, the biggest challenge will be to sustain its visibility. Some communities are able to paint a line or install plaques, but most cannot. You do need to keep your brochure or book in print, your website updated, and send out messages from time to time via email blasts, an online newsletter, or Facebook to keep the buzz going.

History isn't static. Even after your trail is complete, people will find new information about historical women in your community. Today's women will open new businesses. Through your trail, you can "own" your local women's history. Make announcements, report news, and celebrate achievements.

In Salem, to perpetuate the link between business and history, I recently transformed the trail website into the Salem Women's History and Business Community. Through the website and social media, I promote women business owners in Salem and make announcements about historical and contemporary women.

The month of March, National Women's History Month, provides an annual opportunity to promote your trail. For several years in Salem, the "trail" hosted a series of talks in March on historical women and women's history sites people could visit. As a virtual organization, the "trail" partnered with the Salem Maritime National Historic Site (National Park Service), which hosted the events.

You can continue to lead tours as well. For the Boston Women's Heritage Trail (BWHT), I always combined a walking tour with a visit to the host historic site and lunch at a neighborhood restaurant. Like Salem's trail, BWHT had no official office. Every program had to involve collaborating with a historic site - and they benefited!

Men Can Become an Important Audience as Well

I have given plenty of tours that included men - husbands who reluctantly attended with their wives who told me afterward, "I had no idea I would actually enjoy this!" and fathers who brought their daughters because they wanted them to be inspired by women's achievements. These kinds of men are a very important audience, and they can become some of your fiercest allies!

Final Thoughts

The story I told at the beginning of this article is just one example of how a women's history trail can benefit a community economically. Imagine adding more and more women's history trails to walkable downtowns or to driveable regions in states all across the country.

Imagine if the National Travel Association gave special acknowledgment to women's history trails (and women's history in general!) as the fastest-growing tourism segment in an upcoming report?

If you think about it, historic sites are already "there." No one will be adding sites to Boston's Freedom Trail, for example, any time soon. Those places are, literally, set in stone.

Women's history trails, on the other hand, are a new history "product" that can be created and marketed to generate income for hundreds of nonprofits and local businesses. That's heady stuff to contemplate, and you can make it happen!

You can create a women's history trail for your community!

Helpful Links

• Salem Women's History and Business Community

• Boston Women's Heritage Trail


Many thanks to the Salem Chamber of Commerce for their support of the Salem Women's Heritage Trail, specifically, former executive director Ellen DiGeronimo and former president Joseph Correnti. I am also grateful to the Boston Women's Heritage Trail, especially Mary Howland Smoyer and Polly Welts Kaufman, for encouraging me to be creative with women's history in Boston many years ago.

Bonnie Hurd Smith is an unusual combination of historian and marketer. Her work as a historian has focused largely on women's history, especially the eighteenth-century essayist Judith Sargent Murray and women's history trails, but she has also managed a historical society, served as the president of a historic house museum, and planned and implemented dozens of history-based events and projects through her business, History Smiths (formerly Hurd Smith Communications). On the business side, Bonnie has not only planned highly successful large- and small-scale community events, she excels in public relations, marketing, fundraising, project management, writing and graphic design. She is a popular speaker, tour guide, and writer on historical subjects. Her passion is to boost the visibility of women's history throughout the United States as a source of inspiration for girls and boys, women and men, and to tell a more balanced story of American history.

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Offshore Website Design Company

There's always something interesting when we witness the opposites, as they always jostle to stick to each other. Put two magnets head on with North Pole and South Pole, as they will bind together in a blink. Such is the power of opposites, you see.

Now, it's interesting to see the same kind of phenomenon happening in the Indian context. There are clouds in the sky but they aren't raining. On the other hand, there are clouds of recession, and they are raining heavily. Same clouds, however, two opposite scenarios. What makes it further pathetic is the fact that they have engulfed the entire world. Yes, the world is being rained heavily by the clouds of recession.

But bad news isn't so bad. There are good signs in the Indian context for that matter. There's another part of India, which is getting drenched in profits with the passage of time. So, there's one more cloud that's raining and its raining profits for a change. And that's where Web Development Companies India galore. Indeed, it is the web designing and development, which has given India its pride in terms of using the intellect and skill to amass profits.

As the offshore website design and offshore web development work proliferates, so is the Indian economy. There isn't dearth of raining profits since the Web Development Companies in India have come onto the scene of taking the offshore web design and development work. There is no looking back since then. In fact, there is no looking in front as well as they are busy in minting money and earning gobs of money at present. But, the fact of the matter is that if things go the way they are, we will soon be witnessing India on the top as far as economies of the world are concerned.

That's where Indian economy is getting so much confidence as it is triggering the growth rate in positive whereas the world sinks greater into recession. However, as we all know that the phase of recession is temporary and would soon be over, one thing has clearly emerged that Indian economy being impregnated with so many web design and development companies is not going to look back when it comes to making profits even amidst the times of recession. Hats off to India and its evermore-significant web design and web development companies catering to offshore website design and offshore website development work and that too in bulk, and within stated timelines.

There are good signs in the Indian context for that matter. There's another part of India, which is getting drenched in profits with the passage of time. So, there's one more cloud that's raining and its raining profits for a change. And that's where Web Development Companies India galore. Indeed, it is the web designing and development, which has given India its pride in terms of using the intellect and skill to amass profits

Outsourcing Your Web Design Company? Top Countries to Outsource

Obama has recently called on his American businessmen comrades to bring back the work they've outsourced to developing countries, to their homeland United States of America. This is apparently a cause of concern of the President, and why not? Most businesses in the US have been outsourcing jobs to various countries for years. Jobs that could were meant for their American brothers and sisters.

Outsourcing a business usually means all functions, tasks and paper works will be sent out to the folks you assigned to do the job for you overseas. The practice of outsourcing might take you a maximum of 6 months- to process all legal papers and to get the workplace you will be placing your company in.

Why do businessmen outsource their Web design company?
1. Low wages
2. Favorable tax rates
3. Quality of work is more than or equal to the quality of work presented by the locals.
4. Improved company profit

Now that you understand the reasons behind the outsourcing movement, here is the list of the places where American businessmen like to place or outsource their companies.

First up! India.
Second to the US, India is also identified for being the world's greatest IT masters. India's current population is 1.1billion. Waves & tax rates are more affordable and the quality of IT services is the main reasons why businessmen like to outsource their businesses. Top brands like Hewlett-Packard have outsourced in India.

China is known to have the world's biggest population, a total of 1.3billion and still running. Explanations why businessmen choose to outsource their companies in China include low wages and good academic system. IT Companies like IBM and Accenture have contracted their IT/BPO businesses in China.

Another Asian region on our list: Malaysia. They have about 23 million in population and the reasons why businessmen choose Malaysia is because of low costs, low compensation packages, advanced level of integration and strong government support. IBM has outsourced their offices here, as well as Motorola.

Czech Republic
We often hear outsourced businesses in Czech Republic, but do you know that offshore services market in this country is greater than 10% annually and is still expanding. Competitive infrastructure costs, good education system and having a well balanced business environment are some of the reasons why Czech Republic is one the most effective locations to outsource your business. Accenture, IBM, Sun Microsystems and Dell have offices in Czech Republic.

In terms of purchasing power, Singapore offers the second-highest income per capita in the whole world. This is one of the primary reasons why US companies loves to place their regional headquarters in Singapore; when it comes to technology and work system, Singaporeans have the say. Excellent educational system, facilities, intellectual property protection and stable political environment are Singapore's deal to each and every businessman. HP and Eli Lily have offices in Singapore too.

Mabuhay! Philippines
No one can ever whine about the hospitality and kindness of the Filipino people. Philippines is also renowned for being among the best places to outsource an American business. Outstanding English speaking skills, low fees for taxes and compensation and simple adaption of company culture are the main reasons why Philippines is amongst the best places to outsource. Philippines' existing population is 93 million. Time Warner, Convergys, Chevron-Texaco, Proctor & Gamble, GE services and many others have BPO and IT offices in the Philippines.

These nations are the few finest in the whole world where you can trust and invest your money in. When you're to pick a country for outsourcing your business, remember that you are not only giving work to an individual, you are also supporting their economy along with the industry you have chosen.
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