Monday, February 18, 2013

Beading Designs

Beads have become part of our lives, and these are used in various things such as the jewelry that we wear, or on other decorative things in our homes such as table mats, bed covers etc. The greatest part of using beads, is that you can get creative and create your own beading designs and decorate different things that you use. You can decorate a hand bag with beads, and thus making it really attractive. When you work with beading, you need to have patience, time and creativity. If your doing beading in a professional capacity, you need to be precise, so that your beading designs look neat and intricate.
If you've understood the simple basics of beading, you can work on varied beading designs, be it simple designs or more complex such as Peyote designs. Geometric and floral patterns are simple beading designs. Creating, animals or huge table cloths, is a lot more complex.
Majority of bead work is done with thread. However you can get innovative and use different materials with beads. Wires have become increasingly popular, mainly because its so easy and flexible to work with. Attractive hair pins and clips, with bead work is done using metal strips. To do this, you need to bend the metal as by doing this the beads don't fall out. Create a loop by attaching the two ends of metal. You can use aluminum strips, which are extremely thin and workable to create dangle bead earrings. If you stick both ends of the strips by folding one on top of the other, you can make beautiful pendants.
Beads made of glass or wood, or transparent plastic can be used to make bracelets. Bright colors make jewelry more attractive. You can also use large beads to make a chunky bracelets which are quite popular with teenagers. It's actually very simple to make a bracelet. Just thread some beads together, add a hook at the two ends of the threads, and you have an attractive bead bracelet. Using rubber instead of thread is also something unique and creative. However one thing that you need to be mindful of, is taking care not to stretch the rubber while your putting in the beads. Only when your wearing the bracelet, can the rubber be stretched. It's advisable to make a rubber bracelet by using the rubber that fits the size of your wrist.
Floral designs are another common feature amongst beading designs. Various flowers such as daisies, roses etc can be made. Also, you can use smaller beads to create small leaves, adding to the attractiveness of the beading designs. These can be rather complex, and you need to be a little patient while creating these beading designs.
Beading involves creating loops of beads or parallel lines of beads. The square, the peyote and the loom are the patterns that are formed. Designs are made from these patterns, which are then used in a myriad of different forms to create beading designs. These beading designs look rather complex, which is not really the case. If you use a beading kit, you can learn to create various types of beading designs. Or you can also copy existing designs to learn different techniques. While beading is relatively simple, it does require some practice and a whole lot of patience.

The Best Costume Designs

Costume designs are made so as to promote the characters, especially in movies, shows, and parties among others. There are factors considered when designing costumes.
Through the ideas of the director or the designer, costumes are dependent on their respective motives and ideas. Costume designs are highly appreciated for the appearance of characters, whether in the cinema, theater musical shows, and parties among others.
This involves designing and choosing the right clothes, proper footwear and suitable masks, promoting many different styles. This can make the viewer see the character’s personality according to its costume design.
Additional considerations are also needed. This would include the durability and wash ability of these garments, particularly in extended runs. A costume design is also an enjoyable work for the television, film and production industries.
Designers make and coordinate their designs according to the chosen style. Then, they manufacture and purchase it. Costumes are of different types depending on the purpose. Costumes also include the following accessories:
• Hats
• Wigs
• Masks
• Shoes
• And Jewelry
These wardrobes are used in enhancing one’s character so that it can help indicate the relative importance of various characters. It is also essential to the visual elements that can give a more realistic style for the viewers. This is due to the imaginative decoration which has helped identify and reinforce the characters. This also makes the presentation more lively and appealing. It also gives the viewers some information that may not appear or may not be clear in such scenes.
There are many factors to consider when designing costumes and some of these are listed below.
Creative concepts, the director, the lighting and the scenic set designers are the people responsible in establishing the appearance and feelings within the production design. This helps the characters portray their role via the clothing they have (setting, status, age, time period, etc.).
For fashion and costumes, they collectively constitute a minor art that depict the people or the culture present. Currently, there are many modern types of costumes used not only in theaters but also in different traditions and festivals. It is also used in some fashion shows and parties, categorizing the different motives used for the outfit which is in the form of entertainment.
For the appreciation of the designs, many awards and special mentions are being given to such designers so as to recognize their work. Although not all these designers are given the chance to showcase their work, dedication and experience should also be apparent in their work. There should also be a representation of their creativity, style, and skills, along with talent, research and imagination. This is particularly for the designer who created this mood and aura.
In ancient times, people possessed artistic designs based on their traditions and climate. Others depend on the class they belong to. Having accessories also gives more attitude to the costume being worn. It can also answer why other people base their accessories on luck and charms. Hence, with these costumes, other people will be able to recognize the type or kind of person they are.
In wearing costumes, it should always be comfortable and suitable, not just artistic in design and possessing a very wide concept. You need to coordinate and know how to portray the costume that is about to be used.
The trend should not be a big factor because the costume can have its own design. Aside from this, it does not need to follow the trend. The famous Oscar awards even gave credit to the best costume designers. This is an award initially given since the year 1949.
In fact, an example is the movie,” Joan of Arc” which got such an award. Dorothy Jeakins and Barbara Karinska were the first ones to get this award, in the category “Best Costume Design”.

Shore Breaking Your Retriever

While it is true that retrievers like to swim, they will naturally see the water as an obstacle and attempt to run along the shore rather than go straight through the water to pick up a bird. Shore breaking your retriever is not difficult if you have some dummy bumpers and an electronic collar on your dog. Electronic dog collars are waterproof and give your dog an unpleasant sensation, but do not hurt them. Electronic collars are the best way to shore break your retriever.
Use the bumper and toss it into the middle of the water. Your dog will want to go around the shore instead of jump right in. You will then need to change his path. Using the electronic collar, you can then give him an electronic impulse. Lead him into the water to get the bumper. He will soon learn that this is the best way for him to get the bumper, rather than go around the shore, a path that causes him discomfort.
In addition to wanting your dog to go into the water to retrieve ducks and waterfowl, you are also going to want him to take a path across the water to do the same. You want him to avoid the shore and go right into the water. The next step is to toss the bumper even further in the water. Each time you practice this training technique, you should toss the bumper a little bit further into the water so that he will have to swim to get it. He will soon get used to using this path.
You can then use a launcher to toss the bird all the way across the water so that it ends up on the land. You must break your dog of the instinct of going around the shore to retrieve and taking the shortest path, which is through the water.
When you are trying to shore break your retriever, you should make sure that the water that you are training your dog in is deep enough to that your dog cannot touch bottom. Retrievers know how to swim instinctively and this will enable him to learn how to jump right into the water to retrieve instead of trying to go onto the shore where he can touch bottom. If swimming water is not possible, try to cover up the shoreline as best as you can with grass and other objects so that he has to jump in.
It may take you a few tries to shore break your retriever. You do not have to have all of the lessons in one day. The objective of this is that your retriever will take the shortest distance, despite what he sees as an obstacle, to get to the bird and retrieve it for you. This will make hunting more effective for you and eventually, the dog will be able to even jump from a boat without hesitation to retriever waterfowl, making him an excellent hunting companion to have along with you when you are hunting ducks, geese and other waterfowl.

Make The Most Of Your Shore Excursions

A cruise vacation is a great way to see a lot of destinations in a short period of time, but you have to make the most of your shore excursions. If you think the usual shopping and sightseeing excursions sound uninspiring, there are plenty of other options. How about scuba diving, snorkeling, dog-sledding, or kayaking? Or maybe biking, tubing, golfing, or fishing? How about taking a helicopter tour or swimming with stingrays? Excursions like these are now routinely offered by cruise lines all over the world.
Whatever you decide, you need to be 'shore-savvy'. Here is some basic advice.
Cruise line tours
Shore excursions arranged by the cruise line are great for people who want the security of a guided tour or are first time visitors with limited time to experience a port's many highlights. These excursions usually cost more than setting out on your own, but they offer peace of mind because the tour operator has been inspected by the cruise line for safety and the tour is specially designed to appeal to the cruise traveler. More importantly, these tours greatly reduce the risk of missing the ship's departure.
Tour information, as well as pricing, typically arrives with your cruise documents. Determine which tours interest you and purchase tickets as early as possible, as the popular tours, particularly on an Alaska cruise, sell out quickly. The good news is most cruise lines allow you to book your shore excursions on their Web sites, so you can nail down your tour in advance. If you can't book online, reserve your excursions as soon as possible after boarding the ship.
If you are elderly or have a handicap or are using strollers to transport small children, think carefully about which excursions you choose. The cities you visit may be ancient, with narrow streets and stairs, or they may be isolated or have rugged tropical terrain. Check with the cruise line to see if it's safe for you to go ashore, and whether you will need special accommodation.
Do-it-yourself touring
Experienced or adventurous travelers may prefer to arrange their own shore excursions. It isn't difficult to do; in fact, most countries have tourist-office Web sites with listings of popular activities and tour companies. But there are some important things to keep in mind when setting out on your own.
When hiring a cab, negotiate the price before you get in the cab. Also, if you expect the driver to serve as a tour guide, visit with him long enough to be sure there won't be a language barrier. When booking an independent tour, make sure you are dealing with a well-established company that has safe transportation and equipment. Don't hesitate to ask tough questions of independent tour operators. Ask how long the company has been in business; ask about the company's accident record; and ask whether they carry insurance. If the tour operator does not answer your questions willingly, move on to another operator.
Lastly, if you explore on your own, make sure you return to the cruise ship no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, which is listed in the ship's daily activity bulletin and posted at the gangway. If you miss the launch, you'll have to meet the ship at the next port -- at your own expense.
All ashore!
When traveling abroad, you may find that the way of life is different from what you're accustomed to back home, or even on the ship. Here are some things to think about before you step ashore.
*Dress appropriately for your port of call. Skimpy attire is almost always inappropriate in public, even if you're only going to the beach; wear clothing over your swimsuit so as not to offend the locals.
*Leave expensive jewelry, excess cash and credit cards in the ship's safe.
*Wear a "fanny pack" or a money belt when you go ashore. It leaves your hands free and protects your money and credit cards much better than a purse.
*Check with the ship's shore excursions staff about where to eat on shore. Some food items and beverages, especially water, may be off limits.
*Always carry identification on a shore excursion, including the name of your ship and its docked location. Take a photocopy of your passport with you, as well.
*Keep alert. Your guides may give you a badge to wear for identification. This may help keep the group together, but it also allows shopkeepers and thieves to target you.
*Use common sense when walking to and from the ship. Avoid shortcuts through deserted side streets or alleys, and keep an eye out for unexpected things in your path (cows, chickens, scooters, beggars, pickpockets. You never know what will turn up near the docks).
*Make sure your watch corresponds to local time; if you don't, your ship may sail without you!
It goes without saying doing a little research can greatly increase your enjoyment in port. Clearly, the best planned shore excursions will be remembered long after you've returned home.

Vacation Rentals On Lake Tahoe’s South Shore

South Lake Tahoe vacation rentals are particularly in demand with those folks who crave the excitement of being near the variety of entertainment choices and the abundance of recreational facilities for which the area is well known. Here at South Lake Tahoe you have your choice of world class hotels with all the amenities, beautiful houses for rent, condos, cabins, apartments and the smaller, less crowded facilities popularly known as boutique resorts.
Usually situated on or near the beach, these mini resorts cater fully to their customers’ needs. From almost anywhere in South Lake Tahoe you are within walking distance of world class night life, shopping and dining, recreational choices to satisfy anyone’s desires and they usually have their own private beaches to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe undisturbed by other visitors to the area. Relax, enjoy, sip marguerites, soak up the sun, have an elegant lunch at a lakeside cafĂ©. Then, later on, shower and dress for the evening and in a mere few minutes you’re in an elegant casino, or a four star restaurant or being seated in front of one of your favorite performers. South Lake Tahoe has everything to offer close at hand for those who want to experience everything.
South Lake Tahoe boasts over 3,000 hotel rooms ranging from moderate to superior with prices a lot less than you’d expect to pay for such luxury. And that doesn’t take into account the abundance of activities in the immediate area. In the summer time, the area comes alive with water sports of all kinds, hiking tours through the woods, bicycling either alone or in groups, hot air ballooning over the lake or over the mountains, and beautiful championship golf courses designed by some of the most prestigious golf pros. In the winter time, the snow capped mountains provide multi-level skiing both day and night, snowboarding, ice skating and sleigh rides all mixed with that small-town atmosphere that gives the area its charm.

Lake Tahoe - North Shore Versus South Shore

So, you have narrowed down your vacation plans to Lake Tahoe… but now, you have to make the most important decision of all! Will it be North Shore or South Shore? South Shore or North Shore? This choice has plagued Tahoe visitors for years. The answer is not easy, you have to look at yourself, your fellow traveling companions, and decide what kind of experience you are seeking. Then, take that list and compare it against the Tahoe shores and hope for the best!
The simple facts, no matter where you go, North Shore or South Shore, you are going to experience the 396 inches of annual snowfall, the 300 days of sunshine, have somewhat close access to the 18 excellent ski and snowboarding resorts, golf courses, casinos, and the breathtaking Lake Tahoe. Mark Twain called Lake Tahoe "the fairest picture the whole earth affords." However, you still need to pick a side!
Now, for those of you who have not been to Lake Tahoe before, just a little history. The North Shore is in California and South Shore is in Nevada. The California portion of Tahoe contains Alpine Meadows, Northstar, and Squaw Valley ski resorts. It also has the popular towns of Tahoe City, Truckee, Kings Beach, and Agate and Carnelian Bay. South Shore has Heavenly, Kirkwood, and Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resorts, and the towns of Incline Village, Zypher Cove, and Stateline to visit and enjoy. But this is all the technical side of things, the part that really needs to be investigated is the energy, the atmosphere, the “je nas sais quoi” of the shores. And both North and South Shores have that in spades!
South Shore, the Nevada side, brings the carefree, have fun and forget yourself attitude that the state is famous for. With plenty of casinos, liquor stores, restaurants, arcades, shows and entertainment easily found. South Shore invites those who want to have a lot to do and a lot of excitement. The casinos make South Shore to be a 24-hour vacation destination. After you get off the slopes, or out of a spa, you can hit the town for dinner, then a show, then dancing, then some gambling before doing it all again the next morning! This atmosphere means you will probably have a very busy, non-stop vacation. Skiing, shopping, gambling, dancing, and eating to your heart’s content. Many of the casinos and ski resorts (Heavenly and Sierra at Tahoe) have licensed day cares that you can leave you children with, while you get a little extra adult time in…Many first timers to Tahoe find the plethora of activities and shuttles and day care the perfect option to get to know Tahoe and the surroundings. The South Shore towns also seem to have more young families, and ski bums hanging out just to meet new people and get their ski on. So, if you are up for an active escape from the humdrum of your everyday life, maybe South Shore is for you!
North Shore on the other hand, is all about calm and relaxation. Not as many first timers stay in North Shore, they may venture over on a day trip or on one of the shuttle’s buses, but North Shore is all about keeping calm and enjoying the solitude the lake has to offer. Many Californians and long time vacation homeowners visit North Shore and soak up the lack of the excitement and lights present just down the street. The two Marriot resorts built on the California side of Stateline are gleaming examples of this attitude for calm and tranquility. They have top rate spas within the resorts as well shuttles to and from the ski resorts, laundry service, and room service, everything to make your stay nearly effortless for the vacationer. The peaceful nature of Lake Tahoe is capitalized on and the residents and visitors of North Shore seem more relaxed, more like people recharging and recomposing themselves. This does not mean that there are not a wide array of different activities to explore and enjoy, North Shore still offers first class ski resorts, shuttles to and from, fine dining restaurants, spa packages, outlet shopping, and quaint historical walks and museums, it just asks that you take them at your own pace. Travelers will not be overwhelmed by the multitude of places to go and things to see, but can select things that look of interest to them, that day. Plus, you can always cross over the Nevada side for an evening out or two!
As you can see, whether you visit North Shore or South Shore really depends on what type of experience you are seeking… this time around—you can always come back next year!
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